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Transgender people often seek legal recognition for a name change during a gender transition. Laws regarding name changes vary state-by-state. In some states, transgender people can change their name, provided that the change does not perpetrate fraud or enable criminal intent.

The Name Change Guide and ID Name Change Forms

From the Name Change Guide:

Before we go any further, a few very important words must be said: The documents presented below are intended as an informational guide regarding common questions trans people may have about legal paperwork, related items, and procedures pertaining to name and gender identification changes in the State of Wisconsin.  

In no way should the information presented in the guide be construed as formal legal advice. As well, the information provided in the guide should not be construed as applying to every person’s situation. Your gender transition journey is unique, and so are your efforts to making your true identification legal.

The guide is only meant as a snapshot of laws and policies in Wisconsin regarding name and gender identification documents at the time of its publication. These laws and policies are ever-changing, so it’s impossible to assure that this information is current and up-to-date. Individuals are encouraged to visit the resource links in the guide, government websites, or speak with an attorney to make sure they have up-to-date information before starting the process to change their identification documents.

The information in this guide concerns how an individual born in the State of Wisconsin may change their name and gender marker on important identificationdocuments. For individuals that reside in Wisconsin but were born in a different state, the process for name and gender marker changes will likely depend on the laws and procedures of the individual’s state of birth. Contact an attorney or resource from your birth state for advice and additional information.
Anyone with questions regarding their specific legal situation should contact an attorney.

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